About Us

We notice a problem. 

The cannabis industry is growing at an unprecedented rate.  In states where cannabis is legal, the Licensed Recreational Cannabis Business spends a quantifiable amount of time looking for products they need for producing, processing and retailing.  These items include hydro nutrients and coco growing mediums to extraction machines and packaging for retail.


We've created the solution.

Cannatarget.com is the world’s fastest growing e-commerce platform.  But, we are way more than just an e-commerce platform.  CannaTarget.com holds the exclusive advertising contract with CannaSphere.org, the not-for-profit Cannabis Consortium for Licensees only.  This is THE targeted demographic the ancillary businesses entering the cannabis gold rush are trying to reach.  

Advanced Logic in our New Intelliseach and Intellitargeting allows the Cannabis Consortium Licensed member to search for their product right from the consortium platform.  When a producer is online posting his crop for sale, the producer is able to use our search bar utilizing Intellisearch bringing up your product and website for ease of purchase. Intellitargeting Logic maximizes your advertising dollars and allows you to completely immerse your marketing dollars into your target audience, spending less and increasing your ROI.

This is what we built, but who are we?  We are a group of socially like-minded individuals who came together to create this website for the cannabis industry to help lower cost and reduce time spent looking for that right product.  We are a Green Company with a small footprint, virtual and paperless. 


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