BHOgart ASME Horizontal Extractor

Sold By: BHO Gart

The BHOgart ASME Horizontal Extractor is the result of years of research and experimentation. Now offered with an ASME certified base, perfect for labs looking to stay ahead of the curve. BHOgart’s signature horizontal design allows you to run extractions back to back! The 12-inch ASME Horizontal Extractor comes with two 4″ x 48″ Material tubes. These tubes can be interchanged while the rest of the system is running to maximize your production scale. Here at BHOgart we completely redesigned our technology from the ground up, considering modularity, efficiency, and advanced solvent recovery techniques. Through many years of research and product testing we invented an entirely new class of extractor.

BHOgart 7.2 Vacuum Purging Oven


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